A Gentle Introduction to Emacspeak

a quickstart for normal people

Gary Lawrence Murphy

President and CEO
Teledynamics Communications Inc.

        7 Forest Place
        Sauble Beach

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$Date: 2000/05/14 03:42:54 $

I hope you are listening to this and not reading it. This article is intended as the first introduction to using both EMACS
and Emacspeak
for non-technical people, and is installed as a default help page on the eyes-free machines configured by Teledynamics.

The most current version of this document should be available online at The TCInc Emacspeak help page.


This is my first shot at a brief guide to help you up the learning cliff with Emacspeak. If you are listening to this file on a webpage, you can move through the tutorial using the N or P keys to hear it one section at a time.

There is a ton of stuff you need to know to even begin using Emacspeak. Emacspeak is huge, it does email, web, news, plays games, keeps notes, calendars, writes computer languages, slices, dices and even makes a decent cup of coffee (honest).

Comments, corrections and feedback are invited. Please contact Gary Murphy at gary m at t e l e d y n dot com.