Help for Emacs speak

Emacs speak ads more commands and extensive help for the audio desktop. Most of these commands begin with Control E, that is "C-e".

C-h C-e means describe-emacspeak and lists the Emacspeak commands available everywhere.
C-e F runs emacspeak-view-emacspeak-faq which opens a new buffer on the Emacspeak FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Some of this information is horribly technical, but bear with it: The last half contains many useful tips.
C-e C-h is emacspeak-learn-mode and enters a special mode where every key that you type is spoken but does nothing; you exit learn-mode with our old buddy, the C-g Cancel command.
M-x emacspeak-generate-documentation asks for a filename where it will save an automatically generated summary of all Emacspeak commands.