What is C-x and M-x?

Two special keys are used for all emacspeak commands. All help pages call these the Control and Meta keys; on your PC, these are the Control and the Alt keys on the left and right side of the space bar. Alt is meta. Remember that.

"Meta" is directly beside the spacebar (on both sides). Control is at the far left and far right (just like in politics). If your computer has a Microsoft Windows key between the Control and Alt keys, get a knife and remove it.

Get to know Control and Meta.

In Emacspeak, Control and Meta are called C and M. For example, to exit emacspeak, you enter Control X followed by Control C. The guides will call this "C-x C-c".

TipDon't Panic

If you have typed a command by mistake, type Control-G to cancel it. You can also type C-space to re-read the current line. If the sound stops (or you get a lot of beeps and no voice) use C-n and C-p to go down one line and back up (this will restart the voice).

NoteA note to ViaVoice users

Sometimes the voice software overruns itself and jams solid. The voice will stop and nothing will restart it. Don't panic. If you are using my configuration files, press the Meta-Pause key to clear out the stuck voice processes; your next N or P move will restart a fresh process and the voice will return.