Searching Emacs Pages

Searching is probably the biggest advantage you have as a blind user of emacs; everyone can do this, but visual users tend to "overlook" the power of incremental search. You can search any page in Emacspeak by pressing C-s (Control S) and then, as you type the letters, Emacspeak will jump to what matches so far. When you type C-s, emacspeak will say "I-search:" and you can then enter the search string; Emacs will jump to the matches to what you type as you type it.

You can then return to where you were by pressing C-x twice.For example, if you press C-s and then enter t-i you will move forward to .

TipSearching Tips

When searching, use C-s to search, and when you find the line you want, press C-a to go to the start of the line, or C-f or C-b to go forward or back one letter.